From the Mystical Revelations of Maria Valtorta –




One of  Maria Valtorta's dearest desires was to see The Poem of the Man-God published with ecclesiastical approval before she died—not for her own glory, but because she knew this Work to be authentically from Christ, and of immense importance for souls and for the modern Church. As it became increasingly evident that her desire would not be realized in her lifetime, she offered to Jesus the renunciation of this desire to see it published before she died. In the following very brief extract, translated here from the recently published [2006] Quadernetti collection of her revelations, we see Christ's response to Valtorta's offering....


[April 17, 1948 -
Eve of our
Political Elections


Valtorta :

Immediately after Holy Communion—which I offer for the good outcome of these [Elections], and as my Viaticum, in case I die in going to vote—I say to Jesus:  "I offer You also my life, and I renounce seeing the Work [The Poem] published—provided they, the Communists, do not triumph."  Jesus responds to me:—



I have always accepted every offering and sacrifice of yours. But this, No.  My Will is otherwise. These desires of yours go contrary to My Will, and I cannot accept them. My Will is that the Work [The Poem] should be published. Because, if it is true that the holocaust of one creature can do so much to keep the Antichrist from triumphing, My Word can do much more, spread among the crowds.

You [Maria] could affect ten, a hundred, even a thousand, with your sacrifice. The Work [The Poem] is I, Myself, Who speak: to believers to fortify them, to the lukewarm to inflame them, to the incredulous to make them believers, to sinners to convert them, to those against God, and to the uncertain [wavering] between God and those against Him. [All these are] often more weak and submissive to certain doctrines of the cunning, who are truly against God, or who are on the way to being so. I, Who speak to all of these [through the Work] to make them anew [sons] of God, can affect a thousand times a thousand, and [a thousand times] ten thousand. Your sacrifice would be increased by your degree of glory. But I, I want many—now preys of Satan—to have celestial glory. It is for this that I have given the Work [The Poem]. I know that it means health—for whoever reads it with good will—to know Me. Just this alone.  On the other hand!... Nothing will halt the venom which the Dragon pours out before advancing to prevail and triumph.

"The serpent poured water like a river out of his mouth after the woman, to sweep her away with the flood....  Then the dragon ... went off to make war on the rest of her offspring, on those who keep the commandments of God, and who remain faithful to Jesus Christ, bearing testimony to Him" [Rev 12:15,17].

The wave advances. The wave of hate for the Teaching and Militant Church. And the war against the most holy liberty of man advances—against those things which God Himself does not violate:  free choice, freedom of conscience, and freedom of faith and action.

And yet, even this is needed. Because, in truth, all Earth is becoming the great whore, Babylon: mother of fornication and abominations2. Too many put themselves at her service. She has become the Beast of the Abyss: seducing too many weak [souls], and persecuting too many who are strong:  My Holy Confessors.

But in order that Satan, the Antichrist, and all the beasts of the Abyss may seduce less, and that My servants may be supported in the impending persecution—which will be always more extended and increased in power—I want the Work to go [out] to the crowds. I said when I was on Earth—though I am always among My Christians—and I repeat it now that I am in Heaven: "I have pity for this people" [Matt 15:32; Mk 8:2]. "If I do not give them food, they will faint."  I say it also again now: "I have pity for this people. I want to give them the Word of Life, the Food that keeps them Living in the Faith, so they do not faint."

Therefore, My secret apostle, I do not welcome your offering. If you want to offer Me a sacrifice according to your present intention, ask Me to make you die as soon as the Work is published, in Italy and in many other Nations—all needing the Words of eternal Life to be saved and to live. [This would be] without your having time to gather any praise, or to taste the joy of knowing My Will is accomplished—for the fulfillment of which you have struggled so much, you struggle now, and you will  struggle, by suffering always more. This I welcome. The other offerings—no. Because they are contrary to My Will.




1. Maria Valtorta, Quadernetti (Edizioni Pisani / Centro Editoriale Valtortiano srl, Via Po 95, 03036 Isola del Liri (FR), Italia, 2006): 83-84.
2. On this point, see the article, Babylon The Great  posted elsewhere on this site.