From the Mystical Revelations Given to Maria Valtorta




The following brief Dictation was given by God the Father Himself to Valtorta to give to the then reigning Pope Pius XII, and has been translated from Valtorta's recently published [2006] Quadernetti collection of Divine Dictations and Revelations. The Dictation seems to be a stern admonition to Pope Pius to believe in the Divine origin of Valtorta's masterwork, The Poem of the Man-God, and to accept the Work as a new gift of evangelization for the Church of our time.

However, the date of this Dictation
[Dec. 23, 1948] and it's stern admonition are somewhat puzzling. Because eight months earlier, on Feb. 26th, 1948, Pope Pius accorded a special audience to the Servite theologians, Father Corrado Berti (Valtorta's theological annotator), with his two confreres, Father Romualdo M. Migliorini, ex-prefect apostolic in Africa (and Valtorta's spiritual director), and Father Andrew M. Cecchin, Prior of the international College of the Servites of Mary in Rome—as Fr. Berti reports in his Testimonial posted elsewhere on this site. It was at this audience that the Pontiff pronounced the famous verbatim words about The Poem:


Publish this work just as it is; he who reads will understand.
One hears talk of so many visions and revelations. I do not say
that all are true;  but some of them could be true.


Since this amounts to a verbal Imprimatur, or rather mandate ["Publicate"] to publish The Poem, we may rightly ask if the Pope had not already accepted The Poem as of Divine origin.  Or is he perhaps being asked in that light  for a more authoritative Papal mandate for the Holy Office? The latter was very negative toward The Poem and subsequently had it illicitly placed on the Index, apparently unaware of the Pope's verbal approval to publish it.

At the end of this admonition for the Pope, there is a brief dialog between the Eternal Father and Valtorta directing her to give the message to the Pope. Valtorta understandably expresses her fear of trouble in attempting this, and the seeming impossibility of conveying such a message to the Pope. She is assured by God the Father that "someone will come and...take these words to the Confessor and Advisor of Pope Pius."  This would probably have been Augustine Cardinal Bea, Rector of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, who was reportedly the Pope's Confessor. He had read several fascicles of  The Poem of the Man-God and was rather positive toward it.


— Trans.


[Dec. 23, 1948]1



To His Holiness
[Pope Pius XII ]2 :

"INVOKE  My Spirit and read.  Read that which He, the Spirit, can illuminate for you. Read the words of those who saw a time [to come], and another time [to come], and yet another time:  the time coming right after them. The time of My Word among men. Your own time. This time.  Read and see.

Hell advances. And in the Church (by "Church" understand the society of all Catholic Christians), in the Church of My Christ there is no longer that holiness which would spur the God of Victories to send His angels to defeat the demons.

The Church of My Christ, badly interpreting the word of her Divine Founder, believes herself so strong, so invulnerable, as not to care any more—in the majority of her members, and even in her most chosen members—about the practice of those actions which would make God her friend. She presumes, she feels herself superior to each and to all. She says: "I am established. Nothing will prevail over me."

No.  Learn how to understand the words of God.  Do not fall back into the intentional errors of the ancient scribes who wanted to interpret the prophesies and promises of God in a way that pleased their foolish pride as a chosen People, believing they were established in such election until the end of time, whatever be their manner of life. Their error caused their fall, drew them toward extermination, to dispersion and to persecution. And for twenty centuries they are expiating the error which they wanted to embrace.

Hell will not prevail provided the Church be holy as her eternal High Priest charged her to be. Look back through the centuries. Times of spiritual decadence of the Mystical Body, especially of its teaching members, correspond to separation into factions, to the death of disciples.

In the Church, Hell prevails in greater or smaller measure to the extent that she despoils herself of her holiness, and hence, of God's help. Hell is always prevailing, even if it is not destroying. And in her life in the world, the Church has never known a time like this of such lethargy:  [even] there where there is no corruption, none of the threefold corruption [cf. 1 Jn 2:16]. Nor has she ever experienced such an assault by Hell.

Read John in his Apocalypse. What are the stars, a third part of which Satan succeeds in hurling down from their Heaven, from the Heaven of the Church [Rev. 12:4]? Who, if not those who, having faithfully borne witness to Me, were slain by the Beast coming out of the abyss?  And who, if not those chosen to be lights in the Church, but who have become burnt out lamps. Who, if not the shepherds transformed into idols by their presumption? Who, if not the salt corrupted into poison for the little ones who see it, and distance themselves with disgust, and languish or perish?

Too many shepherds are the idols which Baruch describes in his Chapter VI.  Many, too many of the stars of the Church have been overthrown. Some, the first group, by the wrath of the antichrists, and they are the best, the glorious martyrs of My Kingdom. But still more are [those of] the second group, [overthrown] by the allurements of Satan. And the new Jerusalem becomes Babylon, and it shall have Babylon's lot.

Oh! Spirit of My Christ, perfect Spirit of the Most Perfect Shepherd, true life of His Church, how the will of men has been dissipated and suffocated in those for whom the law of the flesh is stronger than that of the spirit—infused in vain by God with the fullness of His gifts!

Take and read, invoking this My Spirit. Read the prophets. Read Ezechiel in Chapter 8, in 9, in 16. And read Chapter 19 of Isaiah. He  who no longer knows how to be Jerusalem, Church, Holiness, becomes Egypt. And read, read, re-read, meditate on Chapter 22 of Isaiah.

Too many Shebnas, unworthy Temple prefects, are in the Temple today (by "Temple" He means the Clergy assigned to the churches3), for God to be able to dwell in it with His Spirit, creating with His Presence an invincible shield, an intangible armor, a defense which does not fail. Rather, God will let the Evil One advance and purify with his horrible arrows those who make gods of themselves, adoring themselves in their power,  in their intellect, in their judgment.

Oh! Wretched men! What are they without Me? How can they judge Me and My perfect Will, if they do not know how to judge themselves, and repent and be reborn in the Spirit of God?

Read, read, re-read, meditate, tremble, weep. The time of Shebna is imminent. A large part of the Church is already overwhelmed, hurled like a ball into the midst of the unbridled mobs.

This I have already said for years to My messenger4 so that it might be told to You. This I say today to You, Vicar of My Christ and My servant.  Yes.  Because I am God.  And no one is greater than I. All are servants compared to Methe Lord. All are nothing before My Divine ALL.

You, you at least, do not be like too many others. Separate your will from theirs, so as not to make yourself their accomplice. You are My servant; but they are your servants, and You are the Supreme Head. Your word loosens and binds only in accordance with Mine which, since you serve Me in holiness and love, unites Itself to yours so that it may be God Who speaks with your lips as Pontiff.

In your hands is the rod, and in your spirit, Wisdom. I gave them to you when I chose you. Use that power and knowledge as befits you, and do not disgust your Lord Who has wanted to mark your Papacy with an extraordinary gift:  the Good News newly evangelized,5 in order to reconfirm the Gospel that has come down through the ages, in order to help you, O Father of Christendom, and to help all Christianity against which the accursed Dragon advances.

Don't You, too, shake your head.  Do not say: "There is no proportion between the gift and its hidden danger," as some say, and tempt you to say. Do not offend Me Who have begotten the Word.  I, Who am the Mighty, and can do all if I will. I am a Father, and if a son obeys Me, I help him. Whatever be the size of the hidden danger that assails him.

Do not look at the instrument6 through which the gift of the Word comes to you, and which comes to the aid of those who believe, or those who have doubts, or even those who do not believe. The instrument6 has obeyed in serving the Word and the orders received from God. And therefore she has directed herself to You, so that You may do what God wills. But if you reject the instrument,6 it is not so much her whom you strike and against whom, being blameless, you sin; as much as it is Me whom you strike, Us—We Who are One God in Our marvelous Trinity. And you sin against Love.

Because Love, Our Triune Love, wants to give this—the Word of God—to your Pontificate. And if you resist My Will of love, you repeat the gesture of the Chief Priests, the Sanhedrin, the Pharisees, the Sadducees and Scribes, who did not bend to the evangelizing Charity7. They persecuted Him and condemned Him before the hour marked for His Martyrdom.

And I say to you: read John again, Chapter 11. It is said there that when the Sanhedrin decided on the condemnation of Jesus, Jesus withdrew to Ephraim. God distances Himself when Humanity rejects Him. Therefore even from that moment, the fate of the Temple and the City was sealed:8 their destruction and the persecution of those who had persecuted the Word. To an act of justice and love, love and justice respond.


And I, Who am the Lord, I say to You: "You, all of you, have far more need of My defense than did your predecessors or the lambs of the flock over these twenty centuries. Because first the Shepherds will be struck, and hence the flock will be scattered" [Zech 13:7].

Appease the Lord your God. You are able to. You are the Pontiff. You have no excuse for not doing so.
Do not imitate Pilate, or yours will be the fate of Pilate, who was not justified by the symbolic washing of his hands. He failed in justice as much, and more, than if he had condemned without asking others to condemn in his stead. [He failed in justice] more, because having the power and authority to do so, he should have known how to silence sinful tongues.

Do not fail to recognize Him Who speaks in the work.9 It would be a judgment upon You. And then recognizing Him, serve Him by making Him known. It will be Your glory.

Do not spurn this warning, even if it comes to you by means of a creature. Other predecessors of yours listened to My instruments. And if the Church is still Roman, it is because a Pontiff surrendered himself to Catherine.10

Be just, so that you may have your Lord as your ally against the Antichrist who advances."




To me [i.e., Valtorta] :

"The Spirit speaks where He must: to one's spirit. But man is not only spirit. And there are too many things that weigh down his spirit. Hence you will give these words to his Advisor, and if that should still not be enough, all Heaven would weep."

Valtorta : "I ask: ' And how?  I am afraid, and it is impossible for me to do it'."

The Eternal Father : "Someone will come who will take these words and, by My Will, he will bring them without delay to the Confessor and Advisor11 of Pope Pius."

Valtorta : "And I think: 'I'll be in trouble for it'!"

The Eternal Father : "And you will serve Me and I will love you in proportion to the sufferings you experience in fulfilling this service. You are Daniel among the lions12 [Dan 6:16-24]. But God drew Daniel unharmed from there and the Lord was extolled even by those who were till then His enemies, because He was recognized as the True God. Do not fear. Everything passes, but My love is eternal for one who loves and serves Me."





1. Maria Valtorta, Quadernetti (Edizioni Pisani / Centro Editoriale Valtortiano srl, Via Po 95, 03036 Isola del Liri (FR), Italia, 2006): 165-170.
2. Pope Pius XII reigned from March 2, 1939 till his death on October 9, 1958, and thus was the reigning Pope throughout all of Valtorta's prodigious literary output.
3. "...assigned to the churches" —Valtorta's explanatory note..
4. " My messenger..."—a reference to Valtorta.
5. "...Good News newly evangelized..." —i.e., the Good News, given all over again, as it was given 2000 years ago. This refers to Valtorta's
The Poem of the Man-God, new editions of which significantly restore its original title: The Gospel as It Was Revealed to Me. "Gospel" of course means "Good News".
6. "Do not look at the instrument..." —The "instrument" referred to here is Valtorta, who recorded the 15,000 handwritten pages of The Poem and  many other revelations.
7. "...evangelizing Charity." —"Charity" here refers to Christ bringing the "Good News" first of all to Israel .
8. "...fate...was sealed..." —In 70 A.D., the Romans destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem and killed or enslaved the inhabitants of the City .
9. "...Him Who speaks in the work."— The term "work" is used often throughout Valtorta's revelations to refer to the whole corpus of The Poem of the Man-God.
10. "...surrendered himself to Catherine." —This would be St. Catherine of Siena who was able to persuade Pope Gregory XI to return the Papacy from Avignon to Rome.
11. "...Confessor and Advisor..." —As stated in the Introductory Note above, this would have been Augustine Cardinal Bea, Rector of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, who read several fascicles of The Poem of the Man-God and was rather positive toward the work.
12. "You are Daniel among the lions."—God the Father here uses "lions" apparently as a symbol of the clergy and hierarchy of Valtorta's time who persistently denied the Divine origin of Valtorta's Poem of the Man-God, claiming it was only the product of her sick mind. This denial by many of the clergy still persists today!